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Irmajean Bajnok

Irmajean Bajnok

Dr. Irmajean Bajnok is the former Director of RNAO’s International Affairs and Best Practice Guidelines Centre. In this capacity she oversaw the development, dissemination, implementation support activities and evaluation of the RNAO Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs) in both the clinical nursing and healthy work environment areas of focus. She played a lead role in the many strategies developed to support and evaluate implementation of evidence-based practice, through the RNAO BPGs, locally, provincially and internationally.

Irmajean has had considerable experience in teaching about knowledge-based practice, conducting workshops related to all areas of evidence-based nursing. In her roles with RNAO, she is a leader in implementation science and has developed a number of creative approaches to support knowledge transfer activities. Her contributions in particular are related to implementing and sustaining RNAO clinical and healthy work environment best practices through RNAO’s Champion Network, Best Practice Spotlight Organization Program, Nursing Order Sets, and BPG related Learning Institutes.

Dr. Bajnok has worked to integrate evidence-based practice and RNAO’s BPGs in all her work, including: the eHealth portfolio which she led, and which has contributed evidence based nursing order sets for each best practice guideline. In addition she played a pivotal role in RNAO’s international professional development program featuring the unique learning institute events, including the world renowned BPG Institute; and her work as Co-Director of the Nursing Best Practice Research Centre (NBPRC).

Irmajean has worked with a number of health-care professionals and organizations in Canada and internationally, in promoting evidence-based nursing practice cultures as part of RNAO’s Best Practice Spotlight Organization® Program and the Best Practice Champions Network®.

Dr. Bajnok has had an extensive and successful career in practice, academia and administration and currently also holds university appointments at University of Toronto as Adjunct Professor in the Lawrence S. Bloomberg, Faculty of Nursing and the University of Ottawa as Adjunct Professor in the School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Science. She is currently Co-Editing a book with Dr. Doris Grinspun, RNAO CEO on Evidence Based Practice, which chronicles nursing’s leadership role in development, implementation and evaluation of best practice guidelines, and RNAO’s ground breaking and internationally acclaimed work in this area.

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